Aftermath of Bush Fire Crisis in Australia

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 The economic growth in Australia will feel the cost of bush fire crisis as it is estimated to have a $5 billion in direct losses on the economy as per Economists at Westpac. 27 people have died and more than 2000 homes have been lost this season.

In terms of Agriculture there have been thousands of livestock killed, and have disrupted dairy production. Widespread damage to farms and crops along with damages infrastructure could affect the price and availability of fresh produce. Tourism industry will feel a significant impact as well as smoke pollution spreads in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne which damages the Australia image as a holiday destination.

The Federal government has committed $50million to help wildlife affected by bush fire crisis. The government has prioritized to rehabilitate injured wildlife, control feral predators, map affected areas and use unburned areas to protect animals. It is estimated more than one billion animals have died which make this year’s bushfire season an ecological disaster.  (source 7News)

How the world has responded to the crisis.

Many people have made financial donations to help with the response to the crisis. US singer Pink, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, British singer Elton John and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth are among those to make major donations.

 Thousands of social media users have called on people to travel to fire-affected areas once the blazes are over.

Using the hashtag #GoWithEmptyEskies, referring to portable coolers, they are urging people to spend money on hotels, food, fuel, drink and other supplies to help rebuild local economies in the wake of the crisis.

“Go with empty eskies, empty cars and low fuel… Beyond rebuilding, they need continued and long term support to get back on their feet and your empty esky makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine,” said a Facebook post, which has been shared more than 36,000 times. (source