South Asia Seminar Series Organized by The Australia Institute of International Affairs

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The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is an independent non-profit organization established in Victoria, Australia. 

The objective of AIIA is to achieve a greater understanding and closer relationship between Australia, India and Sri Lanka, in order to enhance the holistic and long-standing ties between these nations.

AIIA will be launching their  ‘South Asia Seminar Series’ that would include a significant component on the commercial opportunities in the region, in addition to the evolving strategic, security and defense landscape in the Indo-Pacific.

Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce (SLACC) is proud to be part of this seminar series and will represent the panel on the seminar focused for Sri Lanka.

The series will consist of the following sessions

  1. Seminar 1: Tuesday 18 May.

The political and economic impact of India, USA, China, and Australia in the Indo-Pacific area, basin the discussion around the question: ‘What does a Strategic Partnership with India bring to the defense, security, and sustainability of the Indo-Pacific region?’

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  1. Seminar 2: Tuesday 1 June 

Trade and investment opportunities arising from the Varghese and Wadha reports between India and Australia.

  1. Seminar 3: Tuesday 15 June

Soft power diplomacy – sport, culture, and international education – the people-to-people links.  The theme could be developed around the question: ‘Is Cricket Enough?’

  1. Seminar 4: Tuesday 29 June

A separate session on Sri Lanka – its importance in the strategic balance between India, China, and Australia, and it’s potential for two-way trade and investment with Australia. We will also explore opportunities for Australian manufacturing firms who may be able to take advantage of current Free Trade Agreements with India and Pakistan.

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