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About TrailSL Australia

Trail is a walk of Solidarity that aims to raise funds for cancer treatment facilities in Sri Lanka. Kalum De Silva, President Of Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce ( SLACC) and Nathan Sivagananathan, Co-founder TrailSL Signed a memorandum of understanding in 2017 to join initiatives with the aim of raising funds in Australia towards the upcoming Karapitiya Trail Cancer Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka. SLACC organized the inaugural walk in Sydney in 2017 and a fund raising dinner. In 2020 we are taking on the challenge and endeavors again to raise A$ 60,000 in 2020 to support this cause.

What to expect next

Please login to our site Melbourne Walkathon for more info on how you can get involved.

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Sydney Walk and Fundraising dinner in 2017