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  • Thursday, 06 June 2024
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Trade Delegation to Australia - 2024









Duly completed applications should be sent via registered post to the Director/Market Development, EDB, by Friday, 12 th July 2024. Please mention “Outward Trade Delegation to Australia-2024” on the top left-hand corner of the envelope. Selection of suitable participants will be done by an interview panel appointed by EDB.

Please handover the dully filled application form to the Market Development Division, 8th Floor, or send through registered post to reach the Director/ Market Development, Sri Lanka Export Development Board, No. 42, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 02 on or before Friday, 12th July 2024 by mentioning “Outward Trade Delegation to Australia-2024” on top left hand corner of the cover.

President’s Message

My Dear Friends,

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to the official site of the Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce (SLACC). SLACC seeks to fill a significant gap in what has otherwise being a long and productive bi-lateral relationship between our two great countries. The numbers clearly show that in terms of trade and commerce, the relationship between Sri Lanka and Australia has been a relatively equitable one, with both countries enjoying the fruits of bi-lateral trade.

SLACC will provide the impetus to propel trade between Sri Lanka and Australia to even greater heights. In the coming months, we intend to showcase potential business opportunities to our constituent business communities via an active calendar of events. I invite you to join us on this exciting commercial journey, where our shared cultural values and aspirations can inform and reform how business gets done between our two great countries.

Kalum De Silva
Founding President

What We Do

  • SLACC is dedicated to furthering the interests of businesses, who share a common desire to benefit from constructive commercial arrangements between Australia and Sri Lanka.
  • SLACC will ensure you engage with member businesses, policy makers and influential people who share your goals and from whom you can gain insight and develop business opportunities.
  • SLACC is the first and the only body constituted under the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry to foster commercial trade and policy between Sri Lanka and Australian businesses.

Our Objectives

✦  To work closely with trade organizations, government bodies, non-governmental organizations dedicated to promote greater cooperation and collaboration between our two countries in all trade-related matters.

✦  To increase trade and profitability between Sri Lanka and Australia, through public and private sector engagement.

✦  To provide guidance and support to businesses wishing to establish, grow, and expand their presence in the two markets.

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